Beach & Paddle Board Yoga

supBeach YOGA & Paddle board YOGA

At Vela Sports Aruba we have our certified yoga teachers Nathalie Vriesde, Annabel Westerop and Adriana Stan teaching Beach Yoga classes and Paddle board Yoga classes. Whether you’re an experienced Yogi, or you would like to take a class to stretch before or after a windsurfing or kite surfing session, you’ll do fine in one of our classes as they are open for all levels.

Class rates
Beach yoga $25
Paddle Board Yoga $45

Private classes
Beach yoga private $60
Beach yoga private 2 persons $55
Beach yoga private 3 persons $45

Paddle board yoga private $90
Paddle board yoga private 2 persons $75
Paddle board yoga private 3 persons or more $60

Our teachers are available at additional flexible hours!