Kitesurfing on Aruba


Learn how to kite from our experienced IKO – certified instructors! If you are looking for a thrilling, but safe watersport, don’t miss out on kiting. Although from appearance it may look like kiting is a high risk sport, it is actually considered to be a very relaxing, calming and safe sports where young & old get hooked.

Kiteboarding is one of the most practiced watersports on Aruba. It’s suitable for anyone that is looking for an exciting time, learning a new sport in the warm waters of our one happy island. At Vela Sports Aruba, we can supply you with the kiteboarding lessons that suits you and your family best.

We have multiple qualified IKO instructors that can teach you anything you need to learn to become a good and safe kiteboarder. If you are new to the sport, we can take you through the step by step course that will get you on a board in no time. Our way of teaching is to adapt to your learning speed and fine tune the lessons to fit your skill level.




If you already have kiting experience from previous lessons, we can start where you left off the last time. Also, we can refresh certain practices to improve your skills and get to an independent, upwind riding level as soon as possible.

We also teach advanced lessons like jumping, tricks, surfboard tacks or other kiting skills that you thought were too difficult or too scary to try. We will show you the details and give you the motivation needed to start landing the tricks that seemed impossible before.

Our school has top of the line Cabrinha equipment that is suitable to the style of kiteboarding you are practicing. Big or small, advanced or beginner, we have kites and boards that will meet your preferences. We have full boat support in all our lessons. This will give you a chance to safely learn under the supervision of one of our instructors.

Lesson package 6 hours (3 lessons of 2 hours per lesson, divided over multiple days)

Lesson 1

The first lesson is crucial in your kiteboarding experience because you will learn the essential basics for anything that will follow in any future lessons. Since the kite spot is shallow and without any waves we will go straight to the water after setting up an inflatable kite on the beach. This will maximize learning from the start and gives you the chance to get all the needed basics down in that first lesson. We will practice, discuss and show you the following;

The wind window, power zone, and the behavior of the kite in the air and in the water.

Lesson 2/3

If needed and depending on your learning ability, we will practice and perfect any previously difficult exercises to get you fully comfortable with the kite. This is essential because this could be the lesson where you get on the board for the first time. In this lesson;

Your instructor will discuss and decide with you when you’re ready to try out the board. At this stage being able to have good control over the kite is very important since you will need to be able to control the board and kite at the same time.

If the skills learned are a little hard to fully master, it is important to decide that you practice the things you’ve learned in first and second lesson to get full control and prepare you for board riding in lesson 3. This improves your chances of a successful first ride!

It might be possible the situation allows for trying the board in lesson 2. If everything is understood and you feel ready it’s time to try out riding!

This is where it become tricky because to get riding you need to do multiple actions in a certain order. Detailed instruction on that will be shown and discussed.

We will assist you in the water to give you the chance to get the multitasking that is needed to ride under control.

Lesson 3/3

At this stage, it’s time to practice all that you have learned. We’ll show you how to ride for longer distances and teach you how to stop when needed in a controlled way. Depending how far along you are at this stage we can add riding upwind to your technique and practice transitions.

Throughout the course if there are problems with the skills you learned like your stance, kite control or riding this will be demonstrated to give you a view and example of the wrong and the right way to do certain tasks. This fine tuning of your technique will give better confidence and will get you to an independent riding level within no time.

Additional lessons/continuing student lessons:

From here on out it’s all about getting time on the water and improving on the things you’ve learned. Additional Lessons or continuing student lessons are 2 hours long and can be booked after a course is had or to continue on from previous experience. In an additional lesson, we can discuss and practice any hang up points you’ve encountered in lessons you’ve had and practice new undiscovered skills together with your instructor. Practice makes perfect and before you know it you get to a more comfortable level to start enjoying the full potential of kiteboarding.

Advanced lessons

If you are a comfortable upwind rider we can start talking about advanced lessons. In these lessons, we will evaluate your level as a rider and discuss a plan to improve or practice a trick or advanced skill you are looking to master. This could be as simple as a standard transition or the basics of jumping to advanced tricks that will suit your skill level.


Regular lesson USD 120
Private lesson USD 195

3- Lesson package USD 340
5- Lesson package USD 560

KITE TRIP BOCA GRANDI USD 195 (minimum 2 persons)

In the kite trip to Boca Grandi one of our instructors will take you to Boca Grandi for a half day trip. Cruising over the island through the Frenchman’s Pass, you will feel like local kiters do: total freedom, enjoying the ride and excited to get into the waves. At Boca Grandi, you can go all out with your stuff, while the instructor goes with you and keeps an eye out. When you are tired and completely exhausted of the play on the water, you slowly make your way back to Vela. Often, we tend to be flexible and if you are in need of a beer afterwards (like locals do!), we take you to one of the local “rumshops” so you can satisfy your thirst!