‘Boca Catalina’ is a beautiful, and one of the most popular, snorkel spots in the Palm Beach area and it happens to be just a 20 minute walk away from our shop at Vela. If you explore ‘Boca Catalina’  well enough, you might just come across our sea star fields! Besides, on the edges of Arashi Beach you will discover busy fish traffic at the reefs & corals. We highly recommend everyone to go early in the morning, as turtles choose the quiet moments to explore the waters and you might spot one!

With a rental car, you could rent some snorkel gear for the day and go explore other beautiful snorkel spots on the island.

Our snorkel equipment consist of a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins. We have fins in plenty sizes and ‘one size fits all’ masks so that all our visitors can have the privilege of enjoying our underwater treasures.

Rental rates:
2 hours $10
1 day (24 hours) $15