Who we are


Our head instructor Enry Thiel has been working at Vela Aruba for over 15 years. He enjoys working at Vela because of their organized teaching method and because they have the best windsurfing gear in Aruba.

He loves teaching people how to windsurf and is always ready and willing to answer any questions regarding the sport. Listen to his advice. Although Enry will never turn down an opportunity to pester Abegail about actually being shorter than he is, what he really really enjoys is watching people learn the sport of windsurfing, develop skills and enjoy themselves on the water.


Sanghita Muntslag has been working at Vela Aruba since 2010. Before coming to Aruba, she worked at Vela Cabarete. She enjoys working at Vela because the view from the office is unlike any other. Working at Vela, she also gets to go out on the latest gear and work on her kiting skills whenever she likes. Sanghita is a tremendous singer who transforms in a beautiful beast on the stage, several times a week.  She is a devoted yogi, likes beading and enjoys an interesting conversation.


Abegail Grajo has been working at the Vela front desk since the summer of 2015 and has since worked herself up to Vela team supervisor. She is very dedicated to her work as well as very precise. Abegail enjoys working at Vela because she likes being by the ocean and loves kiteboarding. All of our guests love her for her bubbly personality and because she is always very helpful. Her contagious laugh can often be heard through the center.


Riding your kite with a lesson of our headinstructor Jos Waterreus feels like jumping a trampoline: you know that if you fall, it will be soft and safe. Jos has an exceptional passion for his sport and it’s his core motivation to bring over his passion to his students in the safest environment. Being reviewed many times in Tripadvisor clearly expresses his dedication, responsibility and professionalism. If you have time: watch until Jos hits the water and shows off his tricks: smoothly and with complete control he will show some oldskool freestyle tricks, such as the Jesus walk and the dark slide. They look spectacular and it is a show to watch.  Being our instructor since 2012, Jos takes safety and professionalism extremely serious. Not only does he teach you everything he knows according to our special “Vela” system, he also checks the safety and accuracy of the boats & kite equipments before taking you out. Make sure you bring your focus when lessoning with Jos, so you can absorb it all 😉