SUP Pilates

Working out your Pilates session while keeping your balance with an ocean view: Barbara Franke, our locally famous Pilates teacher, is the first one that shifted the work out to our paddleboards. Having speed in her classes, Barbara will let you experience how to combine balance and strength while enjoying the sensation of being out on the flat, blue waters of Aruba.

Barbara started with Pilates over 20 years ago, combining this interest with her large background in aerobics, steps and pool aerobics. Her experience with starting up a gym and participation in several courses such as “Physiotherapy for Fitness & Aerobics Instructor” have lead Barbara to where she stands today: a driven, passionate & energetic Pilates teacher which makes you have fun while deeply training your core muscles.

Barbara has taught in Italy, The Netherlands, St. Maarten and for the last years on Aruba. Mastering the Italian language fluently, English, Spanish and Dutch make her communicate easily with the students. The classes are for all levels, since Barbara makes sure plenty of modifications will be mentioned throughout the class. You decide what works best for you, so young & old can join and leave the class satisfied and surely with tighter muscles than before!

SUP Pilates Rates

Lesson 1 1 Hour $150

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