Beach Bootcamp

Put your feet in the sand, wear your beach wear and bring a bottle of water. That is all you need for  a heavy duty work out on the beach. One of our two trained-to-core instructors Veronique Antens and Glen Arthur will make you sweat “like you can’t sweat no more”.  Having a whole encyclopedia of playful exercises, they will make you work with your own body weight, making you toned, lean and strong. Or as Glen likes to claim: ‘No mercy on the body’. Of course, the beach boot camp will be modified to your preferences to make it fun for everyone. Whether you like it high intensity or building muscles, they will let you do the exercises that fits your favorites!

Veronique Antens

Veronique Antens has an exceptional passion for sports and travels. As she is originally from Holland, she has lived in Barcelona and Aruba, which makes her speak fluently Dutch, Spanish and English. After Veronique finished her studies in para veterinarian and animal fostering, she finalized her secondary teacher training. She then developed herself into Fitness Trainer A and Functional & Core Power Training. Veronique role models the sporty life style, while having an easy minded, relaxed attitude towards others. Her focus is on the “fun part” of sports and not about performance. Her vibrant, open-minded and friendly personality makes you feel comfortable right away. She will make you enjoy the work out, rather than pushing you too far.

Glen Arthur

Glen Arthur has been into sports for his whole life. Since the last years he has been focusing on personal trainings and exercises. He looks big and strong, but he has a soft, smooth and friendly personality that will guide you through your work out. There is only one thing with Glen: he will not make you quit before the session is done… Glen will make sure you finish you work out by demonstrating sufficient alternatives, so you feel free to choose what feels best for you at that moment. Having his roots in Venezuela, Glen speaks fluently Spanish and English and if you see his body, you know where to work for ????