Any time is sailing time! Whether you are an experienced sailor or just love the idea of gliding around the water, hobie cat sailing is for everyone! Feel the wind in your hair and splash of the ocean on your back.  Our knowledgeable staff can give you a quick sailing recap, answering any questions you may have.

Our hobie cat adventures are another of our favorites amongst our guests. The ease and comfort of the large boat makes it a breeze for anyone looking for a day on the water. As you head out, keep an eye out for our beautiful sea life. The clarity of the water will allow you to spot some of the oceans most beautiful and treasured creatures, such as turtles and starfish. Whether you're up for a high speed sail to get your adrenaline shot or prefer to take it easy-you are in control! Take the boat for a refreshing, rejuvenating or romantic sailing trip. Tip: bring snorkeling gear so you can jump overboard for some snorkeling fun.