Wing Foiling in Aruba

Vela Aruba is the first and only school to introduce the brand new aquatic sport of Wing Foiling to Aruba. Feel the freedom of flying over the water with a wing in the hands and on top of a foil board and see all that is happening in the beautiful crystal clear Caribbean sea from above. Fish and turtles are plentiful and perhaps you will be lucky enough to encounter the occasional dolphin having a race with you. Don’t forget to bring your GoPro.

Our lessons are focused on safety and enjoyment first. The classes are conducted with the instructor following close with a boat for your instructions and safety.. Want to bring a friend or family member? Just ask your instructor.

A lesson is 2 hour long and will all be on the water. During the lesson you will learn how to handle the wing, get on the board, start building up speed and get riding high on your foil to be able just glide ever so gently and silently through the water. It is absolutely an exhilarating experience you will never forget and will perhaps bring you back to Aruba for more.